Make a Movies App Using TMDb API in Kotlin Part 2 - Getting a TMDb API Key

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Create a TMDb Account

  1. Go to The Movie Database (TMDb) Website.

  2. Click “SIGN UP” at the top right corner.

  3. Enter your username, password and email.

  4. After you sign up, check your email and click “ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT” to verify.

  5. Login to your account.

Request an API Key

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. In the sidebar, select API.

  3. Under Request an API key, click “click here”.

  4. Select “Developer” and scroll down to the bottom and click Accept.

  5. Fill in the details of your app and your personal details.
    • Type of Use - Mobile Application
    • Application Name - you can name it whatever you want
    • Application URL - just put N/A because we don’t have a url for this app
    • Application Summary - a brief summary of what your app is all about
    • Fill in the rest of details.

  6. After you’ve completed the details, you should see your API key under API Key (v3 Auth).

  7. Open the url under Example API request and you should receive a JSON response.

You can save your API key anywhere that you want or you can come back to it later by going to Settings -> API.

Now that this stuff is out of the way, let’s start coding! Head over to Part 3 - Movie List Using Retrofit and Glide.

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